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Metallurgy and Material Engineering

  • Alloy selection & chemical composition optimization for properties achievement (customer’s specification)

  • ICME (Integrated Computational Material Engineering) for material development and heat treatment optimization

  • Design & implementation of control plan, including : Spectrometry Mechanical properties measurement Non destructive testing (X-Rays, Ultrasonics, Eddy currents, tomography, vision, etc …)

  • Material behavior (high temperature, damage tolerance, etc.) Fractography & failure analysis (field returns, fatigue, corrosion, etc.)


Process development and optimization

  • Process simulation strategy (die filling, solidification, coring, heat treatment, etc …) and prediction of mechanical properties

  • Residual stress assessment and control

  • Tooling strategy for life time optimization (specifications and controls), best in practice for coating and maintenance

  • Definition and implementation of process control at each stage of the process: robustness OE (Operational Efficiency) Scrap reduction Equipment/machines reliability


Project Management

  • Risk assessment

  • Definition of the project chart/organization

  • Milestones and tasks definition

  • Documentation structure

  • Quality structure (APQP), construction of the control plan with process FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)

  • Project review and follow up (launch readiness assessment)


Product/process development

  • Implementation of a development strategy (road map) in line with customers objectives : Time, cost, quality

  • Definition of the milestones and means for prototype delivery : planification

  • Process development (parameters set up)

  • Simultaneous engineering with customer to reach performances and meet customer’s specifications : Mechanical properties High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Low Cycle (LCF) and Thermo mechanical (TMF) Fatigue corrosion


Process engineering and lay out concept

  • Process lay-out (Melting, Coring, Casting, Finishing, Heat Treatment, Machining, etc.) and flow simulation

  • Environmental constraints study and strategy for control (fume aspiration and treatment, emissions controls, etc.)

  • Functional based specifications for new equipment : definition of a supplier strategy

  • Design of specific equipment

  • Implementation of RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) after Machinery FMEA (Failure Mode Analysis)


Research and Development Strategy

  • Implementation of a technological watch/intelligence

  • Identification of Innovation paths and definition of the road maps

  • Development of academic or industrial partnerships for upstream research

  • Access to specific facilities or instruments (SEM, TEM, CT Scan, etc.)

  • Funding (CIR, grants)