DENIS MASSINON PhD, Senior Consultant in Metallurgy

and Material Engineering

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A large experience in research as well as in different metallurgical industries

After a degree in material engineering in France (UTC), I came to the United States to carry on with more fundamental research. My thesis work at VANDERBILT University (Nashville,Tennessee) was on stress corrosion cracking of binary Cu Au, model alloys.

In 1987, back to France I joined the steel research Institute (IRSID) which then was the central lab for the Usinor Sacilor (Now MITTAL) group. There I worked on corrosion mechanisms, corrosion control and surface treatment of coated steel sheets for the automobile industry.


From 1993 on to 2018, within the MONTUPET Group, I was given different roles and responsibilities including Material engineering and project management. I headed the Group Research and Development from 2009 to 2013 and then became Director for Innovation and Process Engineering until 2016. I was then missioned to Detroit to develop the business with the US car manufacturers and came back to France in April 2018.

It is in November 2019 that I decided to create my own consulting business, willing to share my knowledge and experience of the metallurgical industry with companies facing challenges with new components or new processes, or simply willing to improve their industrial performance.