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D3ME CONSULTING has been created to globally support small to large businesses, and specializes in the following areas : metallurgy and material engineering, process development and optimization, new equipment/facility project management, product development and process engineering, in the case of new investment.


Support in Metallurgy

D3ME Consulting helps you with the development of new processes and the product/process combination, in particular for the manufacturing of aluminum alloy components. We support you as well in the interaction with customer in the early phases of the project to make sure the process will be compliant to the specifications and will deliver the performance.


Using a global approach that integrates alloy choice (or specific development), shaping and heat treatment process optimization, we shall help you to reach your objectives in terms of industrial performance and customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience in industrial Research and Development, we can also help you in the launch and the management of R&D programs.

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A range of competences in metallic materials engineering

Passionate by material science since my Engineer Degree in France, and seasoned by 32 years of experience in Research, Metallurgy, as well as Management of innovative projects, I have founded the D3ME Consulting Company in 2019. My objective is to support companies that are willing to innovate in their manufacturing process, develop new alloys or new processes to reach higher properties, and improve their performance through process optimization.